Shattered Dreams

I dreamt a dream that never was to be;
I saw it shred to fragments, right in front of me.

Personal gain was not my intention.
Infliction of pain was never an option.

How all of this came about, I haven’t a clue.
I’m sure, though, my heart can’t be fixed with glue.

Now Allah’s pleasure is all that I crave;
Hope He gives me strength enough to be brave.

Nothing can we conceal from Him,
No matter how much our countenance appears grim.

Whatever within our bosom resides,
He is aware of it, and more besides.

Pray that I may never incur His wrath
And never stray from the Prescribed Path.

My life may be a complicated maze,
I’m confident my Lord will guide me through the haze.

He is my only Companion in distress,
My only Saviour from this materialistic mess.

My Lord, bless me with peace of mind
And grant me a place among the Righteous Kind..


Copyright © Sara Ali 2015
All Rights Reserved






09:50 pm

Why does my heart still beat?

Why does my breathing persist?

I’ve lost my everything in life;

Then, why do I still exist?

Life’s tribulations seem too hard to bear

And there’s not a soul with whom I’d share

This intimidating burden, unfair

Lest they too plunge into despair.

A tiny voice within me squeaks;

In a soothing tone, these words she speaks:

“Listen, my dear, don’t weep and moan.

Take heart, my dear, you’re not alone.

Allah, your Lord, is the answer to your woes..

He is your Saviour from all foes.

Call on Him to lighten your load,

Implore Him to show you the Road

That leads to Him and the Promised Abode.”

Copyright © Sara Ali 2015

All Rights Reserved